torsdag 30. oktober 2008

I have a stormtrooper in my house!

My lbf is done! I'm so proud of him! 

Take a look at his blog to see pictures! 

torsdag 23. oktober 2008

Oh my, I'm ready to glue something!

The first forearm is ready for glue! This is exciting! The modelling iron I bought is working well, though I may have to turn the temperature down a bit, I think it can go smoother if I lower it to about 180°C. 

I have again faith in this project!

fredag 17. oktober 2008

Modelling iron ordered!

With good help from a Trooper in NG, I finally found a modelling iron! I hope it's shipped today, maybe then I'll have it on monday! :)

Fitting the forearms

Now to the more difficult parts! 

The forearms needs to be trimmed, as they are way too big for me. I have to take off some of the lenght, but I'm not sure how much. I also have to consider if I should take off some off the width. 

This is how is looks at the moment:

torsdag 16. oktober 2008

Main torso done!

My main torso piece is done, now I need to sand and polish the buttons for it. :)

Both shoulders done :)

Another post about shoulders, hehe. This time both are finished! :)

One shoulder done

One of the shoulder pieces is done, and the other is not. I hope you can tell the difference! ;)


I have bought gloves! I did it a couple of days ago, but forgot to blog them. I hope they'll get approved, if not I have a nice set of winter gloves for cold days. ;) They are made of leather, and have no unnecessary seams. :)

Considering return edges

The lower edge on my back piece is way broader than the rest of the return edges on the piece. Cut off a bit or not? Hmmm.

søndag 12. oktober 2008

Handplates done!

My handpates are done! Me and my dremel are at the moment best friends! The corners by the thumbs where a bit difficult to get smooth, because there was almost no room to make a return edge. But a dremel and some sanding paper does miracles! 

Weathering? Nah, just polish. :)

Done! :D

First coat of primer on the detonator

My detonator has got its first coat of primer. :)

Lots of more pieces done

The only pieces left to cut out, are the arms, handplates, shoulder straps and buttons. I'm taking my time there to find out exacly how to cut them, there are no good marks on them! The helmet is also untouched, but it's more and more tempting to start cutting in it. :)

onsdag 8. oktober 2008

My first leg piece is done!

Horray! I'm done with my first piece, the inside right leg! It still needs some polishing, but it looks quite good already. :)

I used my dremel with a diamond cutting blade and later a sander thingy.

It fits me, but I may have to trim it to be able to kneel down. Just want to try it with the shoes first to get the measuring right. :)

My armour pieces

Here's my armour! I just had to roughly cut the front pieces to see if they fit me, but apart from that they are "fresh from the box". ;)

mandag 6. oktober 2008

Considering boots

I'm considering what boots to buy, and I think I found a pair that will work. I'll have to paint them and replace the elastic band, but then they'll be fine, right? The "original" white ones doesn't exist in my size, but it'll come during 2009. I'll wait and see for a while, but if the rest of my armour is ready and I just need some boots, I may go for these:


The boots I'm considering

The white boots not available in my size

Helmet arrived!

My AP helmet arrived today! It looks really good, and I can't wait to start working with it. I'm still waiting for my armour to arrive, and because I need some exercise with my dremel, I'll wait for the armour and start with some parts that aren't that visible. It's very tempting to start right now, but it's too sad if my eyes aren't looking good, they are after all the first thing people see. I hope my armour comes tomorrow, it's at the customs at the moment.

Blaster arrived!

My blaster arrived friday! It looks good, but needs a lot of sanding and painting to get rid of the toy look. Waiting even more on the kit now. :)

onsdag 1. oktober 2008

One more neckpiece done!

I have finished my lbf's neckpiece too, and I think he was happy about it. I will wait and see the armour first before I make arms, because I want to hide the seams under the shoulderguards or the breastplate.

My lbf's top, missing arms and lower edge.

My top, it fits! :)