fredag 8. april 2011

SSGFC in Malmö

April 2nd-3rd we did a troop in Malmö called SSGFC, a big convention with celebrity guests.
I met both Billy Dee Williams and Richard Bonehill. :D

torsdag 7. april 2011

Aurra Sing's holster

I got some of the parts for Aurra's holster in the mail today! The buckles fit the belt really nice! The leather belts are all from H&M, though they are sadly not the same colour. I will buy some leather dye to get them the same colour, and I also need to match them to the leather I'll use for the main holster pieces.

Boushh helmet and armour progress

I have done some progress on Boushh, and hope to have the costume ready soon!

I have done most of the helmet building now, only missing the greebles and paint. The helmet was hard to build, with lots of parts not fitting at all. A lot of bondo was needed to make things look good! Still lots to do to make it look perfect!

The armour is now almost done, and has got a coat of primer. The tanks are almost done too, and I'll start work on the attachment piece soon.

Boba Fett girth belt dyeing

I have been struggelig with my Boba Fett girth belt for a long time now, but it seems like my struggle is finally over! I've been trying different ways of dyeing, but nothing has been successful. First I tried wool dye, but it turned out light red and totally transparent. Then I tried wood stain, and it turned out too dark and still transparent, and way too sticky. It also rubbed off on clothes.

Now I tried acrylic wall paint, and it looks good! I just hope it dries ok and will not rubb off in clothes.

I have some work to do on the buckles though, they will need a date with the acetone bottle. ;)

Aurra's braids

I'm currently working on Aurra's braids! I have made those seen at the pics of the costume, but might add a few more if it looks better with the rest of the hair. I have a few left of those metal beads, and tons of the other. The braids are supposed to be dark brown unlike the rest of the hair that is copper red.