tirsdag 30. desember 2008

TK-8224 is elite!

I got my elite status the day before christmas! It's so nice to finally be there, all the required stuff are done. Now I can enjoy just doing the mods I like for my armour to be better and more comfy. :)

onsdag 17. desember 2008

Starting to make Boba Fett

My TK is now approved by the 501st, and I have started on a new project, Boba Fett. There is still much modding to be done at my TK, but it's kind of refreshing to start on something new as well!

I'm going to make a Return of the Jedi version of Boba Fett, as seen here:

Though, my favourite Boba is actually the pre production version 2, but that is unfortunately never seen in the movies. It's been said that this is the version that was supposed to be used in Empire Strikes Back, and I personally think it looks better than the one they used. It's awesome with it's multicoloured armour parts, blue flightsuit and green cape. I'd love to do this Boba sometime, but for now I will concentrate on those costumes actually seen in the movies. But take a look at this beauty!

søndag 14. desember 2008


...is my ID. :D

I'm approved! :D

No need to say more, is there? :D


My AP armour is done! Finally!

Here's some pics:

onsdag 10. desember 2008

Blaster resin kit glued on to my Hasbro

My resin kit from Doopydoos is now glued to my Hasbro blaster! I had to do some dremeling to get the magazine to fit, I guess I have an old resin kit because the other kit we have in the house is quite different. Well, eventually it fitted! I added the D-ring and t-tracks for TK elite-standard, so my blaster should be ready for approval as soon as I get it painted.

Left thigh done

My left thigh is done, and my right thigh is glued as we speak. It fits me, but I don't have much room in them...

mandag 8. desember 2008

Holster is done!

My blaster holster is ready for trooping! Yay! It's made out of black leather that I've sewed by hand. I've used rivets and snaps for the details. It's made to fit my Hasbro blaster, and is attached to the belt ANH-style with two snaps hidden behind screen accurate rivets.

Starting to look like something!

I've started to sew the elastic bands to my shoes, and it's looking good! Phew! The process takes time, I hope I can get this done in time for the next event. The problem is that my fingers are getting tired after a few minutes of sewing leather! Well, time will show. At least mine smell better than the caboots! :D

I'll add one more coat of paint after the seam is done, just to cover the black that is showing through the seam.

torsdag 4. desember 2008

Coat number five

I'm still painting, and this is coat numer five. I can still see the black leather through the paint. I think I need at least two or three more coats.

onsdag 3. desember 2008

Painting my boots

I finally found some white shoe paint today! After rubbing off wax and shoe polish, I added two coats of paint. They will need more coats, so the journey to white boots is to be continued...

After the first coat

After the second coat

tirsdag 2. desember 2008

Look at my beautiful shin! :D

One shin is done, and the other one is nearly there too! I think it's looking very nice.

The front

The back