torsdag 29. april 2010

How to fit a stormtrooper costume into a suitcase

I have been asked to take some pictures to show how I fit my stormtrooper costume into my suitcase, a Samsonite 125 litre. Here we go! :)

First, you put the blaster in the holster, and put them in the suitcase. Then you cover the blaster and the bottom of the suitcase with a blanket, if you want to save the armour from scratches.

Next, you put the helmet in the bottom, facing up.

Then you put the codpiece (cod pointing at the helmet), butt/kidney (butt pointing at helmet), chest (shoulders pointing at helmet) and back plate (shoulders facing the bottom of the suitcase)

Next, you put the lower arms inside the shins, and then you put the shins inside the thighs. Place the thighs on top of the torso pieces with the knees pointing at the bottom of the suitcase.

Put the biceps in the shoulder bells, and place the thermal detonator inside. Place these beside the helmet.

Tuck the belts, the undersuit, neckseal etc. in where it fits, for example beside the thighs.

Put the boots in shoe bags, and place them beside the helmet with the soles against the suitcase wall.

Last, you just close the lid careful, and you should be done! :)

lørdag 17. april 2010

Todays progress on Boushh

I have worked a little on my helmet today, and for the first time I could try the pieces together and put my head inside! Wow, that's a lot of space! I think I need a wide screen TV and a popcorn maker in there. :D

I still have lots to do with fitting the pieces, and then a lot of bondo work to remove all the seams. This helmet isn't easy to build, and at this point I would rather assemble another AP kit. ;)

But, the costume is close to finished now, and I will be ready in time for the event at Finse.

torsdag 1. april 2010

Thermal detonator finally fixed!

I got my new TD clips a while ago, and now I have finally fixed my TD! I had some really flimsy and ugly clips earlier, and they were thrown in the garbage bin today! :D

Here's my new clips, bought from a member at FISD.