tirsdag 24. februar 2009

I got my ROM/FX in time for Göteborg!

My ROM/FX sound device arrived yesterday, and we're now working on the installation! TK-7060's is already finished, and mine's next. This is exciting! Can't wait to get that static burst when I talk. :D

tirsdag 17. februar 2009

Going to The Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game and Film Convention in Göteborg and Malmö

There are conventions in Göteborg and Malmö this spring, and I will attend both of them! I will be lots of fun, and I'll get to meet some of my favourite actors, like Mads Mikkelsen, David Barclay (puppeteer of Yoda and Jabba in Star Wars) and Anthony Daniels (C3PO). I can't wait! :D

Göteborg, March 7. - 8.

Malmö, March 28. - 29.

søndag 15. februar 2009

My Boba pieces so far!

I have got a few pieces for my Boba Fett costume now, and I'm waiting for more to arrive in the mail. So far I have got boots, ammo belt, cape, wookiee braids and knee armour. All my parts need weathering (and some needs painting too).

All my pieces, aren't that a nice wiev?

My knee armour is all hyperfirm (really light rubber material) from slave1pilot. They are really nice! I can’t wait to get them painted, allthough I’m not quite sure what paint to use. They are very flexible, and paint is usually not. I don’t want them to crack, so I need some flexible paint. The good thing is that I should be able to kneel without pain!

Wookiee braids, made from doll hair. Budget variant, but they will do until I get hold of some real hair. I need some leather beads on these because I'm going for the ROTJ SE style Boba.

My cape, cut out from an american army tent. Needs heavy weathering.

My boots are from CaBoots, but unfortunately I have to return these for a bigger size. They say size 7, but they can't be. Sad, but true.

My belt is from 99centTaco, and he’s done an incredible job on it! It’s beautiful, and it’s almost a shame I have to weather it.