mandag 27. juli 2009

Airbrushing Boba Fett

I have started painting my Boba Fett armour, using an Evolution airbrush and Vallejo airbrush paints. I started with silver, and will layer the other colours on top of that using masking fluid to mask the battle damage.

The airbrush is working smoothly, and I'm very happy about the results so far. I'm glad I chose an airbrush with an open cup for the paint, because it is so easy to refill. :)

mandag 20. juli 2009

More pics

Also included in the big box from Bobamaker were these beauties:


Backside of gloves

Shin tools

The armour is here!

My Bobamaker armour arrived in the mail today, and it is a beauty! It is all fiberglass, but it is not at all that heavy as I thought it might be. It is even small enough to fit me! It is all sanded and primed, ready for me to paint.

Helmet with rangefinder and visor

Chest armour with collar piece and chest decal

Back armour

Cod piece

Shoulder armour with decal