onsdag 30. september 2009

A little update on Boba

I have tried to get a better colour on my girth belt by using wood stain, but I'm not sure how it will turn out. It's still very sticky, but I hope it will dry up soon!

I have done a little armour painting, and forgot to show pictures of the armour pieces last time I blogged. So here they are, silver painted. :)

Mystery project revealed!

The time has come for me to reveal my mystery project, it's just too much for me to keep secret!


I'm making a Boushh costume!

I have ordered everything I need except the staff, which I apparently should be able to get parts for in every plumber shop. I have started working on my helmet and armour, and the tanks are almost finished. The soft parts are ordered from Clothears, and the bandolier is on the way. I have been researching this costume since last november, when a garrison mate said that it would be cool with a Boushh in the garrison. In the meantime we have got one, so I'll be the second one as far as I know. :)

Here are some pics for you:

Pieces of the helmet coming together

My tanks, almost ready for primer

Gloves in soft suede leather

Leather boots that I hope will match the spats I have ordered

Bandolier greeblies with primer
(And a lollipop to those who can guess what I painted on that cardboard before those greeblies)