mandag 30. mars 2009

Drawings from the kids!

I attended the The Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game and Film Convention in Malmö this weekend, and a boy came to me with this drawing! Aww, that softens a troopers heart! Thank you so much, Matteus!

torsdag 26. mars 2009

Gaunlet wrist darts for Mr. Boba

I got my gauntlet darts in the mail yesterday, and they are so beautiful! They are so tiny, yet so detailed and perfect. They are made by Russrep at The Dented Helmet.

lørdag 21. mars 2009

Boots for my mystery project

I found the perfect boots for my mystery project today! They are beautiful! I have been looking through every single shoe shop I've seen for two months now, and finally I found a pair that works. Huzzah!

Another exciting picture; I give you... the bag! With the boots inside. ;)

torsdag 19. mars 2009

My mystery project!

Secrets are always fun, and secret projects also! I have started to make my third costume now, and this time I will keep the whole project a secret. But I will blog it, so you can follow my progress. ;)

I bought some nice gloves today, perfect for my secret project. I hereby give you...*drumrolls*...the tag!

tirsdag 17. mars 2009

Girth belt and dye

Slave1pilot from The Dented Helmet was kind enough to send me a girth belt from USA! They are hard to find here in Norway, especially in 100% mohair. The people on that forum are so helpful and nice. :)

The girth is 100% mohair (goat wool) and 34" long, just the right size for me. I'm so glad my hunt for this belt is over, because it is kind of embarassing to go shopping for a girth for yourself (a girth is the thing that keeps the saddle on the horse). In SW terms this is called a honorary sash, which sounds so much better. ;)

I've bought a box of dye from Spinnvilt, I hope the colour is good. We'll see in a few days when I get the time to dye it. :)

New and bigger shoes!

I got my new shoes the other day, and they fit me! I'm so glad I returned the first pair I got, because these not only fit me better, they are better made as well! No holes is the fabric, no glue spots, just pure pretty boots. They are a bit soft in the heel, so you kind of feel like falling backwards, so I'll add a thick inner sole to them. Maybe it will get me some more centimeters up from the ground too. ;)

Boot spikes!

When I was in Göteborg, I got my boot spikes from a good friend of mine who bought them for me to save me some shipping. Thanks, Njål! They are really nice! They are made of aluminium, so I can bump into stuff without breaking them. I don't want to think about what could happend if they were made of resin or something like that...

The Bounty Hunter's Guild patch

Being in the 501st includes lots of temptations when it comes to shopping, and one of those are the patches. There are patches for almost everything! Garrison patches, department patches, event patches, cause patches and lots of more.

My latest patch is a department patch from the Bounty Hunter's Guild. That is where my Boba Fett will belong when he is done! (Yes, I call him "he", not "it". I think I'm in love. *blush*)

Screen accurate jetpack hooks have arrived!

Ok, it is some time ago, but I forgot to blog them. *blush*

They are made by a guy at the Dented Helmet, and they are beautiful!

onsdag 4. mars 2009

New boots!

I have got new boots! I gave up on the dyed ones, the dye (or rather paint) just flaked off. I guess I could have tried to strip all the paint off and dye them again with better dye, but they were also kind of low so my shins popped inside.

I have bought myself a pair of Caboots now. They are huge, but they'll do the job better than the last ones anyway. :)

Kidney and butt plate mod

When I modded my armour for Elite status, I had to cut the kidney and butt plate in two separate pieces. For a girly trooper that can be quite a fun result because, quote from one of my favourite movies Love Actually, "there's a bit of an ass there", hehe. The result was that my butt plate ended several centimeters outside my kidney plate, and that was not a pretty sight. So now I've modded it again, and added abs strips on the inside to keep the pieces together. It looks promising.

My butt and kidney pieces, tight as a granny's hold-in panty!

ROM/FX installed

My ROM/FX is installed and works like a charm. Only thing I need now is to velcro it inside my helmet. I use velcro so that I can easily take it out for changing batteries and maybe even put it in another helmet later on. :)

Here's my setup, with great help from the lovely TK-7060:

My suitcase is ready!

When you get the Elite status with the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD) you also get some really cool decals. I've used mine on my TK suitcase, so now I will recognize it for sure! I think it looks awesome, and it's so nice to get stuff like this!