onsdag 4. mars 2009

New boots!

I have got new boots! I gave up on the dyed ones, the dye (or rather paint) just flaked off. I guess I could have tried to strip all the paint off and dye them again with better dye, but they were also kind of low so my shins popped inside.

I have bought myself a pair of Caboots now. They are huge, but they'll do the job better than the last ones anyway. :)

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David | Feed Me A Stray Cat sa...

Hello. "Sorry" to comment on this old post. :) hehe
Is your Stormtrooper costume a Movie FX one?
Im a guy from GBG who just started to investigating if I would want to (and if I will be able to) build my own. And if Im gonna do it I want to create one to the 501st standard. :D Ive sent an email to Movie FX (via mofie-fx.de) asking about prices and stuff. :)
Like your blog. It was a nice read. :)

Lisa sa...


My armour is an AP suit! I'm very happy with it, and it's casted from screen used armour. :)


David | Feed Me A Stray Cat sa...

Ah. Im newbie in this. Been googling a bit more. So AP suit is a bit more movie-like? May I ask where you bought it and what it cost you? Who manufacture the kits? :) Did you buy a kit or did you buy a suit and re-modeled it for your size? So many questions. :D Hope Im not bothering you! ^^,

Lisa sa...

I can't really answer all those questions here, but I did buy a kit and built it myself. Register at www.whitearmor.net, there you will find lots of info on different armour types! Good luck!

David | Feed Me A Stray Cat sa...

Is there anyway to reach you by e-mail, I just have one small question. Then I will stop bothering you! :-D (david dot martensson at gmail dot com) /D

Anonym sa...

is it hard to sit in a storm trooper costume? i am _GIONG_ to buy one and i have read many articles about them but no one mentiones the loss of agility and movement. would love to here some tips and if it is hard to sit in them.

contact me jonny_ebe@msn.com

PS your armour is making me uber jealus.

Lisa sa...

Yes, they are hard to sit in, and it's not very comfortable! But you can, it you want to. ;)