søndag 22. april 2012

Birthday present from my hubby!

I turn 30 on tuesday, and we celebrated with friends this weekend. I got lots of cool presents, and from my husband I got the Master Replicas Princess Leia blaster! Limited edition too. :) It's beautiful, and I can't wait to carry it around in my upcoming Leia costume! Thank you so much, Ole! :D

fredag 6. april 2012

Repainting the finger extentions!

Since Aurra's fingers aren't skin coloured with blood on, I had to remove the red paint and add some white.

First I removed the red paint. I dipped the fingers in acetone and whiped off the paint. When I had got the most of it off, I used a toothbrush dipped in acetone and brushed away the paint that were left in the wrinkles and follicles.

Then I used airbrush and matte white paint and misted the fingers so that the skin coloured rubber is slightly shining through like my skin will do on the hands.

Last, I finished the nails with humbrol #21, black gloss. Always wanted to do nails with humbrol!

mandag 2. april 2012

Aurra Sing finger extentions!

I've been looking for finger extentions for Aurra for a long time, but never found anything good enough. Today, I was visiting a costume & party shop, and they had some bloody hands for sale. They looked pretty good, so I gave them a try. The guy who sold them told me they were solid, but it turned out they were not! Happy! :D

I cut off the fingers to see if they were usable, and here's the result so far! They obviously need paint and lots of makeup around the seams, but I think it'll work!