tirsdag 14. september 2010

Speeder bike!

Tried a speeder bike at Celebration 5, it was really cool. Want to build one myself, but where to put it? :D

The speeder bike is made by the Belgian Garrison of the 501st Legion.

fredag 30. juli 2010

TB-8224 is approved!

My costume is now approved and ready for Celebration 5!

torsdag 29. juli 2010


I have got the kit now, and have done a lot of progress the last few days! Some pieces and decals are still missing, and the helmet isn't dry from the painting yet. But I'm getting there!

lørdag 24. juli 2010

Soft parts done!

The soft parts are done! Flightsuit, flak vest, cummerbund and pouches, all sewn by myself. :)

mandag 19. juli 2010

New costume...again!

I have started working on a bikerscout costume, hoping to be done and approved for Celebration 5 in August. Crazy timing, I know...

I have ordered armour, helmet and boots from MonCal, and i'm making the softparts myself. The flightsuit is done, the flak vest is cut and the fabric for cummerbund, pouches and balaclava is washed, ready for cutting. Here's a few pics of what I have so far. :)

Flightsuit with suede riding patches, elastic around the tighs, mandarin collar and a hidden zipper.

Flak vest in pieces and gloves from Sith Armour.

mandag 24. mai 2010

Progress on the Boushh shoulder armour

I have finally glued my shoulder armour! I have been staring at those pieces for months now, because they just don't fit. But with a little dremeling here and a little dremeling there, everything is going so well!

First, I used magnets to fit the pieces together to see how they would look in different positions. I found the best place to glue them, and marked it with a pencil. Then I dremeled away the return edges on the back part, so that the parts would fit better together. Return edge over return edge is asking for trouble!

I sanded the pieces down and glued them with ABS weld. Earth magnets are good to use here, and a clamp on each side as well.

torsdag 29. april 2010

How to fit a stormtrooper costume into a suitcase

I have been asked to take some pictures to show how I fit my stormtrooper costume into my suitcase, a Samsonite 125 litre. Here we go! :)

First, you put the blaster in the holster, and put them in the suitcase. Then you cover the blaster and the bottom of the suitcase with a blanket, if you want to save the armour from scratches.

Next, you put the helmet in the bottom, facing up.

Then you put the codpiece (cod pointing at the helmet), butt/kidney (butt pointing at helmet), chest (shoulders pointing at helmet) and back plate (shoulders facing the bottom of the suitcase)

Next, you put the lower arms inside the shins, and then you put the shins inside the thighs. Place the thighs on top of the torso pieces with the knees pointing at the bottom of the suitcase.

Put the biceps in the shoulder bells, and place the thermal detonator inside. Place these beside the helmet.

Tuck the belts, the undersuit, neckseal etc. in where it fits, for example beside the thighs.

Put the boots in shoe bags, and place them beside the helmet with the soles against the suitcase wall.

Last, you just close the lid careful, and you should be done! :)

lørdag 17. april 2010

Todays progress on Boushh

I have worked a little on my helmet today, and for the first time I could try the pieces together and put my head inside! Wow, that's a lot of space! I think I need a wide screen TV and a popcorn maker in there. :D

I still have lots to do with fitting the pieces, and then a lot of bondo work to remove all the seams. This helmet isn't easy to build, and at this point I would rather assemble another AP kit. ;)

But, the costume is close to finished now, and I will be ready in time for the event at Finse.

torsdag 1. april 2010

Thermal detonator finally fixed!

I got my new TD clips a while ago, and now I have finally fixed my TD! I had some really flimsy and ugly clips earlier, and they were thrown in the garbage bin today! :D

Here's my new clips, bought from a member at FISD.

søndag 21. mars 2010

Done up to the knees!

I just had to try on the boots, flightsuit, spats and shin tools to see how it looked.

Never put Vader on pause on tv!

Look what happends!

lørdag 20. mars 2010

Harness belt and jetpack thrusters

I have assembled the harness belt with the US Divers belt buckle, and the thrusters are painted. They need weathering, but I thought I'd post them anyway. ;)

Harness belt with buckle

Close-up of the buckle with US Divers engraved

The black pattern is painted on the thrusters, now is the time for weathering.

Progress on Boba

I have done some more painting, and here's the result!

My chest and abdomen armour, ready for blackwash.

My jetpack painted yellow, with masking fluid still on.

Jetpack painted red, still with all the masking on.

fredag 19. mars 2010

Some parts finally done!

Here's some pics of the parts I have that is totally finished.

First up is my gauntlets, which I bought from BobbyFettUK. They were too small for him, and that makes them perfect for me.

My boots, with boot spikes and lots of black weathering.

My shin tools, all painted and ready.

Wookiee braids, also known as scalps.

My ammo belt with eight pouches.

The rear of my ammo belt.

søndag 14. mars 2010

Boba progress

I have done some more progress on my Boba Fett costume. It's still a lot to do, but I have at least learned the tecniques now. All there is to do now is to paint as often as I can and hope there is enough time. :)

First coat of grey on top of the red battle damage on the ear. I might try a coat of primer actually, just because it's thicker.

First coat of yellow on the jetpack. Looks a bit light yet, but will be darker when more coats are applied. The paint is a bit runny, so the next coat will be misted on turns.

One of the chest pieces, painted green with yellow and silver battle damage under the masking fluid. Can't wait to peel it off!

My EE-3, first coat of dark grey applied. Need to figure out what the next coat should be. The blaster is grey in the movie, but it looks a bit weird.

One of the shin tools almost done, just need a bit of weathering and hairspray.

Boots with spikes glued on, needs a bit of weathering and some white silicone behind the spikes.