mandag 24. mai 2010

Progress on the Boushh shoulder armour

I have finally glued my shoulder armour! I have been staring at those pieces for months now, because they just don't fit. But with a little dremeling here and a little dremeling there, everything is going so well!

First, I used magnets to fit the pieces together to see how they would look in different positions. I found the best place to glue them, and marked it with a pencil. Then I dremeled away the return edges on the back part, so that the parts would fit better together. Return edge over return edge is asking for trouble!

I sanded the pieces down and glued them with ABS weld. Earth magnets are good to use here, and a clamp on each side as well.

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Anonym sa...

Hi Lisa!

Great work on the Boushh so far! Mine's coming along slowly, thanks to the contacts you provided! I'm stuck right now at the finding leather for the helmet stage! I've ordered some off Ebay, but can't seem to find a good match so far!

Your armour is looking great though! Looks tricky to put together!

Anonym sa...

Take care


I forgot to sign my comment above!

While sa...

We demand Boushh update.

Lisa sa...

I demand it too, but I don't think that's enough to make it happen. I am thinking very very hard on it, and hopefully it will magically be done the next time I see it.

Seriously, I am working on it, I am going to try out a homemade putty of scrap plastic and acetone. But it's a dangerous game, and I'm a little bit scared of ruining my armour.

fernando calero sa...

Hi, congratulations. Where I can get the pieces of the shoulder bag ... the squares ... I thank you

Anonym sa...

Send me email please. Where did you bought this pieces?