tirsdag 29. mai 2012

Troop in Karlstad!

This weekend we trooped in Karlstad, and even though it was quiet it was fun!

My hubby tried out his new Superman outfit, and of course I had to have a picture of that. He'll get a wig for it later to make it even better. :)

 I also met the cutest family! This is how I want my family to be!

mandag 21. mai 2012

Nordic Garrison appears on TV tonight!

The TV show "Ettermiddagen" av the Norwegian channel TV2 have invited Nordic Garrison as guests in their show, and we'll be there today! We will appear early in the show, some time after 17.30. Tom Egeland, a Norwegian writer that was statist in Empire Strikes Back, will also be there.

I'll be wearing my Boushh costume! :)


søndag 6. mai 2012

Bikerscout belt

Some pics of my old bikerscout belt and how I assembled it:
I used nylon webbing for the belt, and cotton webbing for the belt box straps. The nylon belt webbing runs all the way behind the plastic, which makes it easier to quickly fix it with gaffer tape if the rivet loosens. ;)
I fastened the cotton webbing to the nylon webbing using heavy duty snaps that are also my way of fastening the thermal detonator. The two pieces of webbing are not snapped together, but rather hammered together inside the one side of the snap. The other part of the snap is on my detonator.
I used Norwegian 1 krone coins as washers. Had to cut them a bit though. They are the best washers, nice and thick, and pretty as well!