søndag 31. juli 2011

Snowtrooper boots

I've done some work on my snowtrooper boots! This is how they turned out after I added the straps. I might redo them though, because I'm not entirely happy about the look. I don't think I'll use the inner sock, the boots look way too thick compared to the ones in the movie.

fredag 22. juli 2011

Star Wars dress

I made a dress yesterday from vintage Star Wars fabric I bought on ebay. It turned out pretty cute, don't you think?

onsdag 20. juli 2011

Snowtrooper codpiece

I have been working at my snowtrooper codpiece today, and I think it turned out pretty nice! It's scary to do things the screen accurate way, because on the snowtrooper that means a lot of holes, rivets, seams and other details that you never really notice in the movies. But I hope it is appreciated anyway. :)

My codpiece

The rivets and washers up close

The reference photo

søndag 17. juli 2011

Snowtrooper gloves and shoulder armour

Got a pair of Wells Lamont gloves from a good friend the other day! Very nice of him! They are a bit big, but they'll serve me well! Thanks a lot, Ole-W! :D

My shoulder armour, ready for weathering.

I made holes in the armour for sewing it onto the duster.

tirsdag 12. juli 2011

Snowtrooper handplates ready for weathering

I have drilled the holes in my snowtrooper handplates, now they are ready for weathering!

I have ordered gloves from MC, but I have no clue yet on when they will arrive. Hope they are nice, though!

Boushh helmet ready for primer!

My Boushh helmet is finally ready for primer and paint!

Some parts of the helmet is going to be covered by leather, so I'll have to mask that before I paint. I have sanded the whole helmet so the paint will stick better.

I'll start off with grey primer and then a coat of brown. I think I will drybrush and airbrush the details, because they are too small to make with masking fluid.

This helmet kit has required tons of work, but finally I'm happy with it. Everywhere you see black (apart from fingerprints) I have modified the shape. I have used a lot of milliput! I have also used a whole package of white milliput, but that doesn't show as well as the black one. ;)

The front

Right ear

Left ear

The back, heavily modified with milliput

The original helmet

My kit, how it would look without modifications

mandag 11. juli 2011

Got my snowtrooper parts!

I got my snowtrooper parts a few months ago, and I forgot to blog about it!

First off, my new mukluks, a size smaller than my old ones. Traded with Ole-Wilhelm, and these fit me even better then my old ones. Just need to add the straps!

My pants, sewn from soft cotton twill. So nice to wear!

The wool fabric for my duster.

Chest and codpiece from DL.

Helmet, arm pieces, handplates, knees, shoulders and ab-plate from DL.

My backpack, almost finished with painting. Just needs a little cleanup.

Cotton strapping I found on a bag from Panduro. I just bought the bag for the strapping. Maybe I can sew pouches of it?