søndag 14. mars 2010

Boba progress

I have done some more progress on my Boba Fett costume. It's still a lot to do, but I have at least learned the tecniques now. All there is to do now is to paint as often as I can and hope there is enough time. :)

First coat of grey on top of the red battle damage on the ear. I might try a coat of primer actually, just because it's thicker.

First coat of yellow on the jetpack. Looks a bit light yet, but will be darker when more coats are applied. The paint is a bit runny, so the next coat will be misted on turns.

One of the chest pieces, painted green with yellow and silver battle damage under the masking fluid. Can't wait to peel it off!

My EE-3, first coat of dark grey applied. Need to figure out what the next coat should be. The blaster is grey in the movie, but it looks a bit weird.

One of the shin tools almost done, just need a bit of weathering and hairspray.

Boots with spikes glued on, needs a bit of weathering and some white silicone behind the spikes.

2 kommentarer:

Little TK Boy sa...

I so hope you'l be done until Malmö so you can meet bulloch in your fett costume.. ;)

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