torsdag 25. februar 2010

Easy removeable sound system, all in one helmet!

Me and TK-7060 have done a spring cleaning in our helmets! All of the sound system in my helmet was tucked in with gaffer tape, and it was a pain combined with long hair, loose batteries, wires and all the other mess.

To make the set up with ROM/fX and troopercom a little more snug, I made tubes of lycra with velcro on the back and a zipper in the front. Inside the tube, I just tucked all the boards, wires, batteries and chaos. Then I put a line of velcro inside the tubes in my helmet.

Two tubes with ROM/FX, troopercom, batteries and wires. One open, one closed.

Just connect the mini-jacks to the speakers, microphone and magnet switch in the helmet.

Tada! Tuck the tube inside the helmet, and you're good to go!

2 kommentarer:

Stfn sa...

Nice to see the size of things as I'm currently planning to install sound into my THX 1138 chrome police mask.

Nice site you have here..

Sara sa...

Hei! Har lenge vurdert å bli medlem og ble enda mer inspirert etter å ha sett bildene dine.

Dersom du har lyst å sende meg en mail og fortelle litt om dine erfaringen hadde jeg blitt kjempeglad :)

Mvh Sara