onsdag 30. september 2009

A little update on Boba

I have tried to get a better colour on my girth belt by using wood stain, but I'm not sure how it will turn out. It's still very sticky, but I hope it will dry up soon!

I have done a little armour painting, and forgot to show pictures of the armour pieces last time I blogged. So here they are, silver painted. :)

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Little TK Boy sa...

Ah! a Boushh! Indeed, it would be cool to have an other Boushh in the NG ^^

I have some problem too with the girth belt... is much harder then I thought to get the right collor. Mine is pink now xD Maybe I can sell it to a female mandalorian :P
Wood stain, is it the same as the thing they talk about on TDH, latex stain ?


Lisa sa...

Wood stain and latex stain is two different things, latex stain is the one you use for inside walls etc. while wood stain is what we call "beis". The wood stain rubs off a little bit, so I might try the latex stain instead, though I really like the finish on the wood stain. :)

Little TK Boy sa...

Ok... have no Idea´where you found that in Sweden, what it's called.

Youknow the piece of shiny white abs, that was on your sneek peak, on yoru secret costume. Where shoudl that part be ?Just curius!

Anikin Skywriter sa...

Hey! check out my blog!
So what if we're enemies? I still think we can check eachother's blogs out every once in a while!