onsdag 10. desember 2008

Blaster resin kit glued on to my Hasbro

My resin kit from Doopydoos is now glued to my Hasbro blaster! I had to do some dremeling to get the magazine to fit, I guess I have an old resin kit because the other kit we have in the house is quite different. Well, eventually it fitted! I added the D-ring and t-tracks for TK elite-standard, so my blaster should be ready for approval as soon as I get it painted.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Great photos! I also in the process of converting my Hasbro blaster.
What adhesive did you use to fix it on the blaster? cheers!

Erwin (2007brandony)

Lisa sa...


I used epoxy. Smelly, but great! :)


Anonym sa...

Lol! Just like me... "smelly, but great!" Thanks!