onsdag 24. september 2008

Meeting the Nordic Garrison

Last saturday, me and my lbf went to the scandinavian sci-fi, game & film convention in Lillestrøm, and there we met the Nordic Garrison! We decided to try to join them, because it seemed like a lot of fun and a nice challenge for a crafter. 

My goal is to finish a Stormtrooper costume and start trooping!

I've just ordered the fabric used for the black undersuit, I will sew it myself to get the details I want. I'm still looking for white jodpurs (riding boots) in my size (US mens 7 or womans 8.5), I might have to buy some black ones and paint them myself. I'll soon order the kit for the white parts as well, and I just bought a Dremel toolbox to make the fitting easier. 

I'll try to update here as often as I can while I make my costume.

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