onsdag 26. november 2008

Black helmet interior

I have given my helmet a black interior by adding one coat of primer, one coat of black and one coat of matt satin transparent lacquer. I have to paint the inside of the frown and eyes by hand.

Still have to paint a bit around the frown and eyes :)

Some more painting done, starting to look good :)

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Did you sort out the gluing of the lenses inside the helmet? I have the same problem now...
Also, did you cut the 8 holes yourself for the "mouth"? My FX didn't have holes, but i made just 6.

Your armor looks great though!

Tom (Not yet TK)

Lisa sa...


I just used gaffer tape for now, but I'm going to use screws when I get the time to fix it. I cut the holes myself with a dremel. I have 8 holes because I have a stunt helmet with green flat lenses. A hero helmet has 6 holes, but also smoke grey bubbled lenses.