lørdag 25. april 2009

I got a Sidewinder kit for my birthday!

My birthday was friday, and I got a sidewinder kit from my boyfriend, SL/TK-7060! It is a resin kit of the Webley & Scott No.1 Mark 1 Flare Gun that Boba Fett uses. Now I have everything I need for Boba Fett! Well, at least everything is ordered and in production, I am still waiting for a huge box with armour parts from Bobamaker.

Let's see what I have:

Boot spikes
Fabric for spats, flightsuit, pouches and flak vest
Girth belt
Ammo belt
Wookiee braids
Knee armour
Body armour parts and helmet(being produced by Bobamaker, will be here in june)
Gloves (also Bobamaker)
Shin tools (Bobamaker)
Jetpack (in the mail this week)
Gauntlets (in the same box as jetpack)

Only thing I still need to buy, are the hoses for the gauntlets, as i don't think they are included on those I bought. If anyone knows where to buy those in Norway, please tell!

Here are some pics of my new baby:

3 kommentarer:

Little TK Boy sa...

Happy Birthday!!!
The gun looks great!
Can't wait untill you upload more pictures of the boba parts you have order.
Btw, have you bought the helmet ?
If yes, wich one will it become?

Lisa sa...


The helmet is ordered, and I'm going to paint it ESB style to make a ROTJ SE Boba. I really like the ESB helmet and the ROTJ gaunts and jetpack, so why not make a SE. ;)

Little TK Boy sa...

Agree 100 % with you ;)That's why I'm going for SE too...
The ESB helmet is just AWSOME! And with the ROTJ Jetpack and Gauntlers, it's just..... more then awsome :P
Is it Boba Maker's helmet your gonig for ? I'm really afraid of the painting part so I ordered a MR. Looks awsome too, but I need to fix somethings on it to make it perfect. Not sure if I will fix the pinch, I'm afraid I will do more dmg then good on it.

well I can't w8 to see your painting progress.