torsdag 19. november 2009

Boba boot spikes modded to my size

I bought some boot spikes from Russrep and they are beautiful, but sadly they were
a bit too big for my size 7.5 boots. I straightened one side, removed the spike, shortened the hoop, drilled a new hole and bent the hoop again in a different place.

They look good now, and they fit my boots! The only thing I need to do now, is to fix the spike to the hoop again. When I removed it, I had to dremel off the screw it was attached with, because it was impossible to unscrew it. I think I may just drill out the whole thing and attach it with another screw. Any ideas?

One boot spike modded, the other not.

Both spikes modded.

Still need to attach the spike to the hoop.

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